CoffeeMilkTeaGirls' commission terms, rules, and information for ordering.

Commission Term of Service, Use, Rules & Information

- Please read before asking about a Commission -



  • We will NOT draw:

    • R18+

    • Mecha

    • Fetishes

    • Offensive Material

    • Sexualized/fanservice-y images of children/minors, or characters that appear to be children

    • "Shippy" content featuring real people (ex. Youtubers, Idols, etc.).
       Commissions of real couples (ex. the commissioner and their partner) are OK!


  • To order a commission, please go to our Order Page and follow the guidelines there.

  • The Order Page is just for putting in a a short description of what you would like for your commission order, we must approve of it to actually go into further details.

  • Once approved by the artist you are asking for we will reply to you with our personal email.

Additional Pricing

  • If any additional characters have a design that is too complex the price will increase.

  • Additionally if requested background are high in complexity the price will increase.

  • In the event either of these occur we will tell you before you pay.


  • PayPal Only

  • The base prices for commissions are final for both Genten and RanchingGal (CMTG).

  • Once the commission is approved and all references and details are set we will allow for payment and send you a invoice through PayPal.

  • Payment will be made through PayPal invoices sent by us, you are not to send money until the invoice arrives.

  • Payment is required 4 days after the invoice is sent, if we do not receive it we will send an email reminder and an additional 2 days is given until we cancel your commission. If you require more time to send payment please let us know before the invoices are sent.

  • We will only start the commission once we receive payment.

  • If you would like to do a half payment plan, please mention so and we can discuss it. Half payment plans are only available for commissions $50 and above.


  • We hold the rights to cancel a commission, and in the event we do we will first send you a email to discuss our reasons and then a full refund will be sent to you.

  • You are allowed to ask for a refund from us, though ONLY in the event of cancelling your order BEFORE lineart is started. You must pay for any work that has been done on your commission. The remaining amount after that will then be sent to you.

  • Refunds are not available for: Icon, Chibi, Sketch, or Monotone Commissions.


  • Regarding WIPs: Please ask if you would like work in progress shots of your commission. We can provide a WIP for the sketch and flat color phase of a chibi, cell shade, or soft shade commission.

  • Major changes will not be accepted once the commission is inked (such as changing the pose, etc).

  • Once the commission is finished, we will send you an email.

  • The size of the PNG canvas final art commission you will receive will depend on who you commissioned. Please ask in the email exchanges after your commission is approved.


Terms of Use

  • We hold the rights to decline or cancel any commission, for any reason.

  • Personal commissions from us are not to be used for profit in any way.

  • Our signature is not to be removed from the commissioned art piece if it is present.

  • The commissioned art piece is not to be edited in any fashion.

  • You are allowed to use your commission for personal reasons such as icons and headers.

  • You are allowed to upload your commission to social media as you please as long as you provide credit to us.

  • Any commissioned image can be uploaded to our portfolio galleries, and or social media (not for profit). If the image is of an OC, credit will be given. If requested by the commissioner to keep the commission in question private, we will comply.

  • We do not allow the use of any commissioned images (OC or fanart) in or to support any offensive material or causes (examples: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic content).



Changes to Terms

      We, CMTG, hold the right to make changes to these Terms at any time.

[Updated: 2018-09-10]

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