Our shop terms and policies. If you have any questions please read through here first as it also works as a Shop Q&A.


Due to COVID-19, there are new clauses in place in our shop terms and policies.





​[COVID-19] CoffeeMilkTeaGirls's response to COVID-19

We understand things are very concerning with the recent COVID-19 situation. We will make sure the package environment is clean and we are handling the products safely. We will continue to ship out orders and keep the shop open as long as postal services are available.

​[COVID-19] Shipping Cost Adjustments

Due to COVID-19, the postal office desk services are unpredictable of being unavailable to available. Since CMTG does not have reliable access to a working printer, the higher shipping rates at the machines must be used at times. Shipping rates will temporarily be higher during this period, until the uncertainty is gone. We are working to remedy this soon.

​[COVID-19] International Shipping Adjustments

During this period, some couriers and post offices have suspended services to select countries and territories. Due to these circumstances, we will only ship to countries or territories that still offer delivery arrangements. 

​[COVID-19] Can I catch COVID-19 from a package that is shipped to me?

The World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that the risk of catching COVID-19 from a shipped package is low. Coronaviruses primarily spread through close person-to-person contact, and should not survive in external environments for very long. Furthermore, there are no recorded cases thus far of COVID-19 being spread through mail or courier services. Further information can be found on the official WHO website.


About Contacting Us?

Please fill out the contact form in our contact section in regard to orders from our personal shop.

If you ordered something from our Storenvy shop please use the contact information there to get into contact with us.

Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

Yes, of course! With shipping international orders there might be a delay, though no later than a week.

Please read "[COVID-19] International Shipping Adjustments" above for updated information regarding shipping internationally during this period.*


How long will it take to receive my order?

Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days (not counting any possible delays by the post office) to arrive depending on your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks.



About Art Prints?

We ship any art prints larger than 5" x 7” in a separate package. No additional shipping charges are made during purchase. If opted for it, a tracking number will be provided for both the print package and any other packages.



About Shipped Orders?

Once we ship an order we are not responsible for the package, we can not predict how long the postal service will actually take to get the order to you. Every order, however, comes with a tracking number. Also please, in addition, check the USPS website to make sure there are not any delays.


About Your Shipping Address & Lost in Transit Orders?

Please check to make sure that your address is correct when you fill in the shipping information, to avoid any delivery complications. If the package becomes lost due to the given address to us being incorrect we are not responsible for the lost package.
If the package tracking number says it has arrived, we are no longer responsible for the package.  Please contact your local post office if the package is missing.



When will my order be shipped out?

We will make shipments at least once a week, usually on Mondays and in the evening, though this may vary from time to time. If anything occurs and we are not able to make a shipment that week, it will happen the following week regardless if previous issues from the week before persist.



About Shipping Costs?

We ship using USPS and depending on the area we are shipping to or the weight of the package sent the shipping price fluctuates. If you have any questions please contact us.

Please read "[COVID-19] Shipping Costs Adjustments" above for updated information regarding shipping costs during this period.*



About Shipping & Tracking?

In our shop, we use the automated USPS shipping calculator. With the calculator, it should total up enough shipping cost to cover for a tracking number. With that said all packages ordered from our shop on our website will have a tracking number.

Please read "[COVID-19] Shipping Costs Adjustments" above for updated information regarding shipping during this period.*

Are Exchanges Accepted?

We do not accept exchanges.

Are Cancellations Accepted?

We do not accept cancellations after a package is shipped.

After the package is shipped out it is not possible to cancel the order, nor is it possible to return the product for a refund. Although, in the case that you cancel the order the day before it is shipped out then it can be canceled with a refund. We ship our packages on Monday, exceptions being any possible delays. Please, if you need to cancel the order, cancel before Monday.



Return Policy

We do not accept returns. Although in the case if your package arrives and what is inside not what you ordered, we will ship you your correct order as soon as we can. If your purchase arrives damaged, please contact us, and we will try our best to get you your new item to you. Though this does not count for minor warping of items during transit. For both incidents just mentioned you must provide us with photo evidence, and if curious about a certain product and if it is indeed damaged or not, please ask us and we will be happy to help you. Other than those 2 possible events, returns of an item after they are shipped will not be accepted.


CMTG Shop Collections

Our collection themed sales and bundles are exclusive only to our personal online shop. They do not apply to any of our secondary shop locations online, and convention pop-up shops as well. CoffeeMilkTeaGirls reserves the right to change all terms and conditions about a collection without notice. Should there be any disputes, CoffeeMilkTeaGirls' decision is final.

Product Photos

Product photos in the CoffeeMilkTeaGirls Shop are meant to show the product's sizes and colors as accurate as they possibly can. Though based on computer/phone screens light and color differences this could cause slight changes in the color of the photos.



Availability of Products

Our products, in general, are made in a large number and will be sold over the span of a year's time. After that, if there are any of the item left in stock we will remove and retire the item in question. If enough interest is given in a particular product to be restocked we will restock it.

Shipping Locations

If you do not see your location in the shipping options please send us a message through the form on the Contact page about adding it. We have to add each area into the system individually so sometimes some places are missed, sorry for any inconvenience.

Please read "[COVID-19] International Shipping Adjustments" above for updated information regarding shipping internationally during this period.*


Terms of Use

CMTG products are not for resell purposes. Also, we do not allow the use of any products in or to support/promote any offensive material or causes (examples: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic content).

Changes to Terms and Policies

CMTG has the right to make changes to these Terms at any time. When this occurs we will release a notice to all site subscribers and will post a notice on our front page.

[Updated: 2021-02-15]

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